Things You Can Do With Acrylic And Color – Lobby Signs

Lobby Signs Charlotte NC

Lobby Signs are one great use of acrylic. Acrylic can be used to make so… many… things… This week we used it to make some super smooth cutouts letters and logos for a new client, TRC Staffing in Charlotte NC. Or, called Lobby Signs!They contacted us because they wanted some ideas on how to present the new company branding in their lobby. So after discussing several different signage options, we ended up deciding on using acrylic materials, that . Part of the task was to incorporate Sherwin Williams 6712 Luau Green and Sherwin Williams 6796 Blue Plate, which is the colors of their new logo. After a back and forth session of designs and layouts everyone agreed upon using 1/2″ thick material that would be flush mounted onto the walls. The dimension was to be five feet left and right.

The following is the steps we took if you’re interested!

STEP 1: Layout all the goodies ūüôā

Lobby Signs-Step-1-Acrylic-Signs-Charlotte-NC

STEP 2: Check Colors For Accuracy – Eek, hope they are right!!

The Blue and Green are large swaths of color painted in their lobby, so it was critical to match those colors.

Lobby Signs-Step-2-Acrylic-Sign-Charlotte-NC

STEP 3: Mark The Wall For Placement And Levelness

Lobby Signs-Step-3-Acrylic-Sign-Charlotte-NC

STEP 4: Drill Some Holes And Make A Mess For Sure

Lobby Signs-Step-4-Acrylic-Sign-Charlotte-NC

STEP 5: Twist Lots Of Metal Studs Into The Backs Of All The Pieces

Lobby Signs-Step-5-Acrylic-Sign-Charlotte-NC

STEP 6: Start The Unveiling And Put Each Piece In Its Place

Lobby Signs-Step-6-Acrylic-Sign-Charlotte-NC

STEP 7: Hope The Client Likes The Result!

Lobby Signs-Step-7-Acrylic-Sign-Charlotte-NC

Lobby Signs-Step-78-Acrylic-Sign-Charlotte-NC

Thanks for reading! The client did in fact love it, and we breathed signs of relief ūüôā


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