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Window Decals

With the economy growing in many sectors, there has been steady growth in the demand for signage and advertising. Specifically though, window decals and decor have seen a surge above other products. Whether it is cities loosening restrictions on where advertising can go, or perhaps customers just enjoy the experience of seeing decent graphics supporting their favorite businesses, window decals are hot right now.

With that I decided to put together in one place a collection or list of the many types being utilized in the market place. It should be of interest  to businesses wanting to learn more about their options of advertising. You can also visit our webpage for window decals.

Store Front Window Decals

Store Front Window Decals

Store Fronts have been a main stay of Holiday Seasons and promotional sales. Think Macy’s in NY. However, these days people are extending their brand year around to available store front areas.

At minimum you see store hours and logos made out of Cut Vinyl. Many take it to the next level with something called “Lifestyle Graphics” where you get to see customers interacting with the brand. These can be full color prints on window decal materials.

Another popular option is View-Through Window Decals, these allow an image to appear outside the store, but people inside the store can see through the window decal outside still. This helps with security and safety.

Interior Office Window Decals

Interior Office Window Decals

There are so many things that can be done with Interior Environments and Interior Window Decals. We usually get orders from Architects on behalf of their clients that have created a unique pattern they want applied to the interior glass. Many times glass has to be covered by code, so why not with something cool looking?

Etched Vinyl and Colored Translucent Vinyl are great for these jobs. They create high end designs that keep with corporate branding.

Many times we are contracted to add “hard signage” with the window decals. Might include Office Names, Rest Room Signs and other interior mainstays. We also use printed graphics selectively so they don’t become overwhelming!

Skyscraper Window Decals

Skyscraper Window Decals

Really the “King” of Window Decals, you can create HUGE adverts. Historically Vegas was the main place using these over sized graphics, but we’ve now been in Charlotte NC, Knoxville TN, and places in Texas.

These do require a bit of planning, but imagine the impact and reach you get with these behemoths! Popular for these are the View-Through Window Decals, and Low Tac Vinyl.

We introduce two other products for these windows as well. Certain types of Vinyl Banners and Mesh Vinyl Banners. These over sized banners are strapped and anchored to the building. So, don’t be afraid to ask around and see if you too can advertise on the city towers!

Stadium Window Decals

Stadium Window Decals

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Many think that their city sports teams are part of the heart of the city. So creating and installing massive window decals and other signage is a way to give back to the community to celebrate their favorite teams and players.

There are literally opportunities for window decals and signs all over stadiums.

Now when big games, playoffs or hopefully championship games take place it is common that we cover the stadium windows, and other buildings around the city, really calling attention to the event and experience. Keep in mind this usually involves a Sign Company like ours, Ad Agencies that help with creative developments and even independent project managers that have expertise pulling off such events.

Healthcare & Hospital Window Decals

Healthcare Window Decals

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Yes we must mention the healthcare industry, like hospitals. For many years hospitals chose to look sterile and clean. Over the years as survey after survey was done stating people hated experiences at the hospital it was time for changes.

This starts with better and clearer directional signage for visitors. Next, some of the biggest changes were to the Children’s Centers. This required huge colors, bright and friendly lighting, custom glass shapes and of course great window decals.

These also benefit by having a team of architects involved that explore and play with colors and unique applications. The end results are hopefully a place people are less depressed to be at. According to many surveys, this is being achieved! 

Wrapping It All Up

When you look around at your environment you should begin to see the many opportunities using windows. So, let’s finish up with why using windows makes sense. 

  • Windows really are one of the first places interactions with a visitor or customer happen with a company or brand
  • The nature of window graphics allow for frequent changes to keep things fresh and current with ongoing sales and promotions.
  • The cost is relatively low compared to other forms of advertising, and it is very easy to determine which techniques are driving new sales and leads.
  • If done correctly, you may even get picked up by local stations wanting interesting stories. At the very least, you may get some word of mouth going if you have something worthy to be spread about. It is not uncommon to have a cool display and people take self portraits with it, which is an unintended consequence but a good one.
It’s hard enough in our busy days to take time to think out of the box for new advertising, but focused articles like this one should help get the creative juices flowing. Feel free to contact us with any questions or consultation regarding a project you may be working on. One thing about us you’ll find is we like to help whether we end up doing the work or not. We like to hear new ideas and share ideas to keep the field expanding and breaking new boundaries. We also have resources of talented teams, companies and independent contractors that aid in conceptual designs and project directions. Many times we can do it in house, but sometimes different solutions are called for and we will always point you in the right direction. Thanks for reading!


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