Many Small Businesses HATE Social Media, But Why?

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OK, so YOU are running a small business OR you are in charge of marketing the company you work for and now you want/need Social Media to “do something”.

This “Do Something” is the part that drives most people crazy. The truth is, for small businesses that are not hiring Ad Agencies, they’re stuck with a vague idea that Social Media is needed, but it ends there.

This article is going to attempt to not only give you a reason for “doing” Social Media, but hopefully explaining it in such a way that makes the light bulbs go off so you are confident moving forward.

Let’s Get Started Unraveling Social Media

Let us quickly get to the Main points of doing ANYTHING with Social Media:

  • To get your website ranked better than your competition
  • To attract paying customers

Then, let us quickly get to a few secondary reasons for Social Media:

  • To be seen as more authoritative in your business category
  • Lastly customers expect to see at least one or two Social Media channels like Facebook or Twitter at the least.

Light Bulb Social Media Moment

On the first point, about getting your website ranked better on Google searches, this is really the biggest reason for undertaking efforts on Social Media. However, there is a stigma associated with Small Businesses and Social Media, namely that, why would a Plumbing Company or a Taxi Driver or other seemingly non interesting categories waste time trying to be “social”? It’s a really good question, and at the heart of this entire article. If you can understand this one point, the rest will not only be easier, but a lot of dots will connect for you in your mind.

Keep in mind, if you don’t need a new funnel of potential customers or new business, then this really would be a waste of time. Conversely if you do Social Media and your efforts don’t lead to new business something is wrong.

Plumber’s Social Life

Continuing with the Plumbing business category let’s see how it works. Imagine someone walking into your place of business or wherever you might intersect with a customer. Think about the interaction, is it warm, or pleasant, or educational perhaps? Are you kind of a jerk, or not a people person? These same interactions are what happens on Facebook for example. People often wonder, “What am I to post on the social channels?”

Just as you would be in person, try to emulate online (not being a jerk though!). If you are a helpful kind of person, then try posting items that you think your customers want to hear about. They may not be interested today in an article on plumbing advice, but when their toilet clogs, chances are they will go online before making any phone calls. So if you had a nice article written on clogged toilets you stand a good chance of being found by that person.

As you slowly and deliberately place relevant content on your channels and on your website, you are creating a treasure trove of searchable information leading right to you! Naturally and hopefully you can see how this addresses the first two bullets above. This helps get you noticed and absorbed by Google for better rankings and it should ideally begin to increase your leads and orders.

What about the other bullets? The last bullet is a little self explanatory but let me say many people in the marketplace today subconsciously equate a company with a social channel or two above those that don’t. I could list reasons why this is, but it doesn’t really matter why, it is just the way it is. So it is a judgement call if we wish to leverage this reality.

The other bullet is about industry or category authority. The neat and interesting thing about this part of it is, two things happen. One, you actually can and will learn more about your own industry just by the nature of creating worthy content and two you will become better at presenting your industry to customers, either by way of conversations or sharing specific articles with customers. It becomes a powerful force at your disposal if done correctly.

So, you see it doesn’t matter the industry you are in. As long as you keep in mind the reason for doing social media, as long as you dedicate a little time each week to it, as long as you are genuine and aim to be helpful to those that might see your content, you can and will fulfill the purpose of being on these channels.

With this in mind, it makes looking at the different channels easier. Whether Facebook,  Instagram, Twitter, Blogging etc etc… They all ultimately share the same goals for your business. They all do different things, but don’t let that confuse you now that you understand the goals you’re after.

This is an area I have wrestled with for several years, and have now helped many companies get a handle on their efforts as well. Best wishes to you!


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